Client: SocialSweet Inc.
Timeline: 2018, 18+ Months

Roles: Product, Visual, & Experience Design

Project Summary

The Social Marketplace is an area in
Sweet where Sweet members
discover new communities they can
join and redeem rewards that exist
on the Sweet platform

Key Goals

Sweet needed a centralized area for
its members to discover the various
communities and inventory of
rewards that exist on the platform.


How I Started

I met with stakeholders and the Sweet Founder to plan and determine the particular objectives they desired for this part of the platform. The platform utilizes a cryptocurrency (SUGR) to reward individuals in various Sweet communities for their social actions. Sweet wants to give individuals more possibilities to earn and spend this SUGR. This generates a manageable crypto-economy for Sweet.



I investigated the Sweet Reward Catalogue — I found out and arranged all the distinct kinds of rewards and  benefits that were offered and created a fundamental marketplace taxonomy. I did research on how cryptocurrency ecommerce worked. I also studied traditional platforms of ecommerce for excellent use of patterns. Various alternative drafts were wireframed and prototyped.


Selected Works

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